Different Site

8 12 2008

New cp blog. http://icechip.wordpress.com/ this site will not be deleted, just not updated




7 12 2008

is the magic number until we have a party…. if anyone figures it out… they get a buddy add from my and the  password for my secret room.

~ icechip~

Club Penguin Christmas Plush Toys

7 12 2008

Hey, there are now Christmas plush toys from Club Penguin here is a picture:newxmas_pen.jpg

Thats all thats happining  ~icechip~


6 12 2008

It’s snowing on my blog! To see the snow, wait about 30 sec to 1 min to see it 😀


New Site Header

5 12 2008

Finally, it’s done, ok so i want to know, how good is the *new* site header? To let me know. Vote in the poll! (it’s in the side bar) To get to it click “Do you like my new site header?” on that widget.


New catalog and pin

5 12 2008

Hey! jEiCeFoRcE here! Here is the news! There is a new catalog and it is really neat there are some rare items in it 😀 well here are the cheats!  The new pin:               Location: Puffle Shop          Name:Snow Fort Pin 

Time for the catalog! There New items are (What i guessed) Snow man head and body! But, there are more then that for new items, here are the rest: Gingerbread Man costume, Elf costume ( Elf hat, Elf Shirt, Elf shoes), and on the page with the gingerbread man costume and elf costume, there is a Christmas tree, look at the bottom lights and click all four (4) of them, then you can buy the yellow scarf! also the ultra rare BLACK toque came out again (it’s not hidden), A green winter jacket, Pink ear muffs, a yellow winter jacket with spots of pink, then on the next page (the one with the fuzzy winter boots and the penguin with the blond hair) click on the top of the tree on the right page of the two (2), Then the next page (the one where the red penguin is wearing a parka) Click his beak once (1 time) for the red viking helmet, close the screen that you can buy the viking helmet, then open it again, then close it, then click it, then you can buy the blue viking helmet, then on the next page, click on the female penguins bow that’s in her hair, then you have the pink pom-pom toque, then skip the next page and go too the next one (1) (the page with the penguin wearing the blue duffel coat and click on the lighthouse that’s in the background, then you have the red hoodie! Now for the penguins at work page, the new job is…… Being a baker? Yes, a baker, You can buy a chefs hat and a blue apron, then you can make cakes! Yum. 😆 , OK, anything else? Oh, yes i almost forgot! On the page with all the shoes click the pink flipper that’son the top shelf  to get the black super hero mask, OH, and the backgrounds there are a few backgrounds but nothing really rare, (I think). Also look out the telescope, RH (rockhopper) is coming! an it looks like the migrator is decorated for Christmas 😯 ❗ And, well, thats all, Bye thanks for reading!



New Newspaper

4 12 2008

Hey, the new newspaper came out here is a picture of it! cp-news1 And click this URL to see the newspaper without logging into cp. http://media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/local/en/news/20081204.swf